Training Services

Harp & Associates Inc. provides operator qualifications training and testing on a monthly basis where we will come to your location to provide the training.

We can also design a training program which will work best for your company. We use the ITS study and training program and have certified instructors.

Natural Gas Compliance

Inform your workforce of the natural gas industry’s best practices with training based on CFR 192 and ASME B31Q standards.

ITS exams cover natural gas covered tasks on a one-to-one basis, so each individual can be tested on only the tasks they need to complete their job.

The Enhanced OQ Compliance library includes material that covers:

•  Pipeline Welding and Joining
•  Constructing Transmission Lines and Mains
•  Installing Customer Meters, Regulators, and Service Lines
•  Corrosion Control
•  Pipeline Operations, Installing, and Testing
•  Pipeline Repair and Maintenance
•  Gas Transmission Pipeline Integrity Management