Field Services

Harp & Associates Inc provides a wide array of field services to our customers.

Decades of field experience has enabled us to be a full-service natural gas consulting and maintenance company.

Some of the field services provided by Harp & Associates Inc:

•  Replacement of gas meters and service regulators
•  Installation of automated meter corrector on new and existing meters
•  Installation of anodes and galvanic protection to mains
•  Install full Cathodic beds and rectifier.
•  Installation of insulators for system integrity
•  Underground valve maintenance and inspection
•  Repair corrosion to gas services and prevent future corrosion
•  Valves maintenance
•  Leak Surveys
•  Cathodic Protection Surveys
•  Regulator Station inspections
•  Odorant Testing
•  Hot taps and stops, Bottom out taps, Side taps
•  24 hour emergency call out service