Harp & Associates, Inc.
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Harp and Associates
P.O. Box 797 Douglas GA, 31534     PH: 912-309-4719   Fax: 912-383-9319

We offer a wide area of services in the Natural Gas Industry. We have over twenty-five years of experiences in the natural gas business. The company was formed to help natural gas systems operators and master meter operators comply with federal and state regulations that tend to change on a daily bases.  We have a number of services to offer including:

  • Cathodic Protection Surveys
  • Leak Surveys
  • Regulator Station Inspection
  • Regulator Station Repair
  • Regulator Design
  • Valve Maintenance
  • Rectifier Repair

Listed below are some services that are offered.

Operator Qualification Record Keeping: This is where we will come in to your location and get your operator qualification program up to date, if needed.  Before qualifications expire you will be notified 90 days prior and we will send you all test of each expiring task to you and your employees to take and return to us for grading and posted to the Operator program, The hard copies will be sent back to you for your location to keep on file. This program is also available to contractors

Manual Updates: We will update your O&M Manuals, Emergency Manuals and Procedures Manuals, Public Awareness Program as needed and all manuals will be looked at and reviewed yearly to insure they are up to code.

Inspections: We will meet with you prior to the PSC, performing a yearly inspection on your system to make sure all reports are correct and ready for inspections.

Line Losses: We will maintain your monthly natural gas volumes, to make sure you do not have any gas losses. If one is noticed, we will come in and help you find the problem. A monthly report will be sent to you on all natural gas volumes showing line losses, plus or minus.

Fabrication Work: Rregulator station ,Farm Taps,Upgrade of old stations, meter sizing and line sizing. We also provide all the bidding process for our clients. 

Yearly Records Maintenance: We will keep up, when it is time, to have your yearly inspection done, such as, leak surveys, CP work, Valve maintenance, Regulator Inspections, etc. This report will be sent out 90 days before the prior years work expiring.

Leak Surveys: We do provide downtown leak surveys and leak surveys system wide as well as Cathodic Protection Surveys.

Drug Testing: We provide a program to keep up with your drug testing, which is required by the Pubic Service Commission. We will pool the employees and notify you of which employees, and when they need to be tested.

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