Harp & Associates, Inc.
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Harp & Associates, Inc.

Welcome to the web page of Harp & Associates. We are a new company that offers a wide area of services in the Natural Gas Industry. We have over twenty-five years of experiences in the natural gas business. The company was formed to help natural gas systems operators and master meter operators comply with federal and state regulations that tend to change on a daily bases.

We also offer Hedging of natural gas for large customers to be able to operate their budget on a fixed price over twelve months instead of trying to run a budget on the monthly market prices, Which have seen huge swings on a daily bases.

Eddie Harp, Consultant

P.O. Box 797  Douglas, Georgia 31534

Phone: 912-309-4719   Home: 912-383-9319  Email: harpassociates@yahoo.com

Harp & Associates, Inc.
PO Box 797
Douglas, Ga. 31534
FAX (912) 384-6106

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